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Window, facade cleaning

Every one of us would agree that looking at impeccably cleaned glass is much more enjoyable. Also clean windows, it’s your business card before the people around you!

However, it is often not easy to clean them properly. It’s not easy to reach hard-to-reach places, it is difficult to choose the right cleaning tools, and sometimes it’s just not enough to clean it so that no cleaning marks or scratches are left. So don’t turn your head and leave it to us!

Our experienced team will clean your windows, showcases or glass partitions quickly and qualitatively with professional window cleaning equipment at your convenience. We also clean windows’ inner frames, inside the window and windowsills. You can order window cleaning after construction or repair work and cleaning windows with high pollution.

Up to 7 meters we cleaned the height windows from special ladders, scaffolding, or using telescopic shafts. At higher altitude, we use spec. lifting equipment.

In addition to the traditional cleaning methods already mentioned, we can offer the most advanced window and facade cleaning technology – Ionized water with the German “UNGER Nlight” system. The lime or other minerals cleaned with special filters are used for washing, are environmentally friendly and cleaned. With the help of a telescopic stem, you can safely reach a height of up to 10 meters from the ground without the need for any additional equipment.

Call and enjoy clean windows!